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Flood Certifications

Not all flood programs are the same.  It is critical to make sure your flood data is accurate and your vendor is keeping up with all of FEMA's map updates.  Each Flood Vendor has different ordering capabilites and features and we’ve got the inside scoop. 


Equiguard streamlines your closing process by replacing a title search.  It is a Blanket Policy that provides protection against any losses due to unreported liens on 2nd Mortgage Products. All you have to do is have the Borrower sign an Affidavit and you are covered.  

Value Solutions

  • Automated Property Valuations: accurate and instant

  • Property Condition Reports: field analysis and photo documentation of the physical property condition

  • Residential eValuations: comprehensive report that fits an array of lending and other inter-agency applications


Portfolio Products

  • Monitoring Automated Tools: Either life of loan at origination or in bulk, this is an affordable way to get quarterly automated, updated real estate values 

  • Analytics Web-based Solution: Meet regulatory requirements, quickly identify areas of risk and generate new revenue opportunity