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Flood Certifications

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Flood is not a generic product.  There is much we can do to develop a comprehensive flood program for you specific needs.  Yes, it is critical to make sure your flood data is accurate and your vendor is keeping up with FEMA's map updates, but how do you know you are working with the best flood vendor?  Are you prepared to navigate the ever changing industry and regulations  that are coming soon from climate change? Are you leveraging this information to improve your borrower and loan officer experience? Do you have all the resources that you need from all the flood companies? Not to worry, we've got your back.

Flood Insurance

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We can help you provide the borrower with instant quotes for both WYO and NFIP Flood Insurance from the  largest national providers.  This can be done on an individual basis or we can get creative and set up an API so that your flood positive data feeds it to the tech savvy insurance company and return those quotes instantly.

Value Solutions

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  • Automated Property Valuations: accurate and instant

  • Property Condition Reports: field analysis and photo documentation of the physical property condition

  • Residential eValuations: comprehensive report that fits an array of lending and other inter-agency applications

  • Broker Price Opinion (Interior and Exterior)

  • Comparative Market Analysis (Exterior)

  • Disaster Condition Reports

Portfolio Products

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  • Monitoring Automated Tools: Either life of loan at origination or in bulk, this is an affordable way to get quarterly automated, updated real estate values 

  • Analytics Web-based Solution: Meet regulatory requirements, quickly identify areas of risk and generate new revenue opportunity

Title and Close Products

  • Property Reports (aka Title Reports)

  • Legal and Vesting Reports

  • Closings/Signings

  • Recording Services

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